I love art in all forms; I can spend hours admiring a work of art. While I love wearing an elegant dress and stilettos, I find myself most comfortable barefoot, wearing a long floral dress and walking at the beach. As much as I enjoy dining out, I also enjoy cooking and exploring new horizons. I love red wine. However, I also enjoy a nice dry rosé or champagne and Asian cuisine.

Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to see the world. I came to Belgium in my early twenties with a dream of establishing myself and being able to see the rest of Europe. Traveling has always been a huge passion and a natural part of my life. When I was younger I loved reading books and I developed a great interest in learning about people’s habits and language, since it’s truly fascinating to learn about other cultures. As a result I speak now 5 languages and have a huge interest for finances. My favorite country is still my motherland Brazil. I miss everyday the perfect beaches and the friendly people… and would of course love to see the beaches in California as well.

Becoming a gymnast was my dream when I was 10 but I did not have the opportunity to follow my dream. I started modeling at the age of 19 in Brazil and later in Belgium. Everything that I earn from my modeling 20% goes towards in putting my non-profit together.

My biggest dream is to become an actress and to be able to start my own charity (non-profit) organization where I can help children who are less fortunate. In my last trip to Brazil I was able to make a lot of children happy and I want to keep on doing this till I breath all the air out of my lungs. Some of the things that I want to do for myself is travel abroad, keep a healthy life style, write a book and surround myself with people who value me and not wish to change me.

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